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Does having a flexible schedule with unlimited income potential sound appealing to you? Take our career assessment to see if you are a match for a career in real estate.

Benefits to a career in real estate:

1.) Flexible schedule

Agents have the flexibility to set their own hours. As a result, REALTORS® avoid the stresses of a commute, have control over their schedule and work environment, and can have a better work/life balance.

2.) Relationshipsrealtors in bismarck nd century 21 morrison realty

As the expert in this field you will develop partnerships with community leaders, relationships with clients, and network with industry professionals.

3.) Income potential

In a real estate career an agent is independent, therefore their income is only limited to their determination for success. Consequently, success achieved is a direct reflection of their own work ethic, where the sky is the limit.

4.) Be your own boss

REALTORS® work as independent contractors, and ultimately, they will market their own business, grow their network of clients, and set their own schedule.

5.) Opportunity for growth

Success is dependent on quality of service you provide, there is no limit. Additionally, the right combination of marketing skill and grit will lead you to a sustainable and lucrative income.


century 21 morrison realtyDid you know 51% of people have regrets about the real estate process and 68% don’t trust real estate agents?*  We were stunned by those statistics too and believe it’s time to change the game.

With more brand awareness** than any other real estate brand, Century 21 Real Estate is poised to make these changes.  To do this, we are reinventing what the CENTURY  21® brand means in the hearts and minds of those who are buying, selling and working in real estate today.

This starts with our new mission – to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences – and comes to life in our identity as a brand and the services we develop for our system members.  #jointherelentless


If you are looking to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences with a brand that can help you take your business to the next level then take the 10-minute Real Estate Simulator Personality Assessment. As a result, you’ll receive a detailed report that will help determine your personality type along with invaluable insights to help you move one step closer to a great real estate business.

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Ready to start the year off by fulling your dream of a flexible and limitless career in real estate?

Join us for a free seminar on how to begin. During the seminar you will learn the steps to getting started in the real estate industry, the education requirements, and licensing process.

Register for seminar HERE.


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